I n d e p e n d e n t      O p t i c i a n s


First Optic Brecon is an independent practice. 

We are not tied in to any single company and order from dozens of suppliers. 

We therefore have a massive selection of frames in stock from designer name brands to budget value for money styles.

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Spectacle lenses

Lenses can do so much more than help you see clearly.

There are lenses that cut out all harmful U.V. and blue light. Lenses that prevent migraine.

Lenses that change colour.

Lenses that don't reflect or scratch or fog.

Even lenses that are half the usual weight and thickness.

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Contact Lenses

Modern contact lenses are so comfortable you genuinely won't realise you're wearing them after only just 10 minutes wear.

If you've never tried contacts before or have previously tried and failed, do check our contact lens page for all the latest news.

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