I n d e p e n d e n t      O p t i c i a n s

Contact Lenses

Modern contact lenses are largely of soft design. 

These lenses mostly contain water, which is why they are so incredibly comfortable.

The lenses are not designed to last long and so need to be replaced regularly.

The more frequently you replace the contact lenses, generally the more comfortable they are to wear.

If you want the most comfortable contact lenses with no need to clean or disinfect them overnight, choose 

DAILY DISPOSABLE contact lenses.

If you want to wear lenses almost every day and you want to keep the cost down, choose

MONTHLY DISPOSABLE contact lenses. 

These lenses will need simple cleaning and disinfecting over night.

Almost all eye prescriptions are now available in soft lenses.

So if you have high astigmatism, need to see near and far (varifocal) or need to sleep in the lenses overnight, there is likely to be a suitable lens for you.

At First Optic, we fit all the major contact lens brands as well as a few lesser known, but we think, unique designs.

Some of our favourite and newest lens designs are shown below. Call in or telephone 01874 610256 to talk to us about trying contact lenses.


(ask in store for more details)

Total One is a completely new design in daily disposable soft lenses. Wear them all day every day for maximum comfort even under the driest conditions.

If you are looking for the most comfortable contact lens on the market, in my opinion, this is it.

Image description
Image description

My Day is a new daily disposable lens that is incredibly comfortable at a very reasonable price. 

My Day lenses like Total One can be worn all day, every day.

Image description
Image description

Our most popular monthly lens is BIOFINITY. 

This lens is suitable to sleep in overnight, but most wearers still remove and disinfect them before bed.

They are available in all prescription types.