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This page is dedicated to information on varifocal lenses.

There are hundreds of different types of varifocal lenses available on the market and this page will explain some of the differences between lens designs.

Most patients are aware that varifocal lenses can distort vision through the sides and edges of the lenses.

This certainly is true of many budget design lenses and these can suit some patients.

However, modern lenses do not have any noticeable distortion and can now be individually tailor-made to suit each and every patient.

In terms of varifocal lenses, like most other consumer products, you get what you pay for.

At First Optic, we sell many different brand lenses, but  prefer Varilux lenses made by Essilor who launched the first commercially available varifocal in 1959.

Varilux have a range of lenses to suit all patients' needs and budgets and are still, today, at the cutting edge of lens design.

Below you will find information on some of the differences between lens designs.

If you previously found varifocals difficult to wear then perhaps you were fitted with the wrong type.

We always try to match the varifocal lens design to the exact needs of each individual patient.

Varifocal lenses need to be skillfully and carefully fitted or you are likely to be disssatisfied with your vision.

First Optic is a Varilux specialist "signature" practice. This means that we have proven ourselves to be experts in varifocal dispensing.

Think all varifocals are the same ?

Think again..... 

At First Optic, we are so confident in our skill at fitting all varifocal lenses that, whatever the price, we give a 30 day trial guarantee. 

If you cannot adapt to your varifocal lenses after 30 days, we will replace the lenses free of charge.

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Tailor made lenses not just to your spectacle prescription, but designed and manafactured uniquely for you, the wearer.

Available at First Optic, Brecon. Call in for a demonstration.

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